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A Guide to Farmland Access Agreements (FarmFolk/CityFolk & The Land Conservancy of British Columbia, 2009)
Agriculture's Contribution to our Ecological Footprint (William E. Rees, PhD)
Agriculture on the Edge (Patrick Condon, Kent Mullinix) 
Biodiverse Agriculture for a Changing Climate (Practical Action)
CBSR Climate Change Guide (Canadian Business for Social Responsibility)
Cities Farming for the Future: Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities (RUAF Foundation)
Climate on the North Shore (Dr. Stephen R.J. Sheppard)
Communities Farms Program Feasibility Study (FarmFolk/CityFolk & The Land Conservancy of British Columbia, 2009)
Confronting the Environmental Challenge of E-Waste through Reuse & Recycling (Chris Knopp & Shawn Williams, Redemtech)
Delivering Results: Moving Towards Scale WBCSD summary report on the UN Millennium Development Summit
Designing Climate-Safe Economies Cradle-to-Cradle (Catalyst Strategic Design Review, Spring 2010)
Eating Biodiversity: an investigation of the links between quality food production & biodiversity protection (Henry Buller)
E-waste Fact Sheet (Recycling Council of British Columbia)
Fighting Global Warming at the Farmer's Market (Bentley, Barker; A Foodshare Research in Action Report)
Good to Grow: Raising Food in B.C.'s Cities (a series by David Tracey, published in The Tyee)
Greenhouse Gas Local Action Plan (City of North Vancouver)
Green Peace: Guide to Greener Electronics
Green Building Focus Green Roofs: the Future of Architecture?
GreenSpace BC is an annual magazine published by Business in Vancouver on business benefits through sustainable approaches
Impact of School Gardening on Learning A qualitative study of a representative sample of ten schools participating in the Campaign
Is Humanity Sustainable? (William E. Rees, PhD)
Issues in Biodiversity (Action Bioscience)
Memorandum for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Heinrich Boll Foundation)
Mother Jones investigative journalism that exposes practices of the corporate world, government & mainstream media
Moving From Fear to Hope: Finding the good news in the midst of a global ecological crisis (Karen Morton)
Municipal Supported Agriculture Presentation by Kwantlen Polytechnic (Dr. Kent Mullinix, Dr. Arthur Fallick)
PHSA Bridging the Gap:  Improving the Food Environment for BC Students
PHSA A Sustainable Harvest:  Weathering the Impact of Climate Change on BC's Food Supply
PHSA Food for Thought:  The Issues and Challenges of Food Security Aug. 2010, 62pgs
PSHA  New Ideas for Healthy Communities:  The Link Between Food, Health and Prosperity
PHSA Planting Seeds for Solutions:  Building Communities with Food in Mind
Residential Electrical Efficiency & Photovoltaic Panels
(Doug Horn)
Seeing Through Sustainability (Rob Vanwynsberghe & Stephen K. Goobie)
SFU City Program Publications
Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada Recommendations of the Sodium Working Group
Southeast False Creek Urban Agriculture Strategy (Holland Barrs Planning Group, in association with Lees + Associates, 2002)
Starting A Community Garden: Site Assessment Guide for Communities (SPEC, 2010)
Sustainability Institute: Leverage Points - Places to Intervene in a System (Donella Meadows)
Sustainable Agriculture Archive (The Inspired Economist)
The Earth Charter (The Earth Charter Initiative)
The Food & Farming Transition Toward a Post Carbon Food System (Post Carbon Institute, Spring 2009)
The Validity of Food Miles as an Indicator of Sustainable Development (DEFRA)
Top Crop Manager farmland becoming fields of gold for investors
Trends in Glyphosate Herbicide Use in the United States & Globally (Benbrook, Environmental Sciences Europe, 2016)
Urban Agriculture Pilot, City of North Vancouver (Sitelines, BC Society of Landscape Architects)
Urban-Edge Communities Can Retain Agricultural Benefits (Jeff Nield, TreeHugger)
Urban Beekeeping: 5 Questions for Beginners (The Daily Green, backyard beekeeping series)
Well Being Social Capital and Public Policy: What's New? (John F. Helliwell)
Whole Farm Plan Guide (Farm Folk/City Folk & The Land Conservancy of British Columbia, 2009)
World Watch: What is Sustainability Anyway? (Thomas Prugh & Erik Assadourian)
Younger Canadians have more BPA in their bodies than parents: Study (Sarah Schmidt, Postmedia News, Aug 16, 2010)


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