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engage, empower, inform

EcoUrbia is a not-for profit organization, and a community-based sustainability portal. We promote education and local action, and serve as a gateway for community members to engage with each other on local and regional issues, broaden public awareness, and offer opportunities for involvement and story sharing. Sustainability is an urgent challenge, and there are many ways that we can be-know-do more to support ourselves and others.

bbe...connected with others & get engaged
know...learn - inform yourself
do...empower yourself to live a sustainable life

Within each sustainability stream…climate, energy, food, structures, transport, waste, water…you’ll find information, resources, and strategies in support of our evolution from the industrial era to the sustainability era.  We've included a community calendar of events, a blogsplot to share our thoughts, ideas, and learnings on sustainability, and we'll also be producing videos of stories, lectures, events, and how to's on ecourbiaTV.

We invite you to join us in sharing the diversity of ideas, and initiatives underway in support of both social, and material sustainability. Telling our stories, and sharing our ideas is a powerful way to connect with each other...sometimes we not only get to share the good news, we get to be the good news too.

get involved

Tell us about your local sustainability interest or program, and share it with our us with your ideas, initiatives, and inspiration, and join our network to receive updates. We accept requests to publish information on local sustainability initiatives that will engage, empower, and inform others. There are also many sponsorship opportunities available to you that will support us in bringing about economic success, ecosystem health, and resilient communities, and recognize your effort. Sponsoring one of EcoUrbia's initiatives is a way of doing just that!

learn more

You can calculate your ecological footprint, try the food miles calculator or search the native plants database….take the electronics recycling quiz, gain an understanding of urban sprawl, challenge yourself to implement one of the sustainability toolkits available to individuals, businesses and organizations, participate in an event, lecture, workshop or learning program, read or submit published papers, follownewsletter, watch a film, or source a book from our recommended reading list...we’ve built a resource base to help you find out how to be-know-do more, and get connected with others.

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making high density urban areas green

"We believe that small changes can have a big impact when we operate as a network working together, sharing what we've learned and what we can do."


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COMMUNITY GARDENING FORUM... West Vancouver Senior's Ctr, May 7th, 11:30-1pm (FREE) 

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